Original/Review Paper
IRVD: A Large-Scale Dataset for Classification of Iranian Vehicles in Urban Streets

H. Gholamalinejad; H. Khosravi

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2021, Pages 1-9


  In recent years, vehicle classification has been one of the most important research topics. However, due to the lack of a proper dataset, this field has not been well developed as other fields of intelligent traffic management. Therefore, the preparation of large-scale datasets of vehicles for each country ...  Read More

Original/Review Paper
A No-Reference Blur Metric based on Second-Order Gradients of Image

T. Askari Javaran; A. Alidadi; S.R. Arab

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2021, Pages 11-18


  Estimation of blurriness value in image is an important issue in image processing applications such as image deblurring. In this paper, a no-reference blur metric with low computational cost is proposed, which is based on the difference between the second order gradients of a sharp image and the one ...  Read More

Original/Review Paper
Bio-inspired Computing Paradigm for Periodic‎ Noise Reduction in Digital Images

N. Alibabaie; A.M. Latif

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2021, Pages 19-29


  Periodic noise reduction is a fundamental problem in image processing, which severely affects the visual quality and subsequent application of the data. Most of the conventional approaches are only dedicated to either the frequency or spatial domain. In this research, we propose a dual-domain approach ...  Read More

Technical Paper
Face Recognition using Color and Edge Orientation Difference Histogram

S. Asadi Amiri; M. Rajabinasab

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2021, Pages 31-38


  Face recognition is a challenging problem because of different illuminations, poses, facial expressions, and occlusions. In this paper, a new robust face recognition method is proposed based on color and edge orientation difference histogram. Firstly, color and edge orientation difference histogram is ...  Read More

Original/Review Paper
Feature Selection based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Mutual Information

Z. Shojaee; Seyed A. Shahzadeh Fazeli; E. Abbasi; F. Adibnia

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2021, Pages 39-44


  Today, feature selection, as a technique to improve the performance of the classification methods, has been widely considered by computer scientists. As the dimensions of a matrix has a huge impact on the performance of processing on it, reducing the number of features by choosing the best subset of ...  Read More

Original/Review Paper
GroupRank: Ranking Online Social Groups Based on User Membership Records

A. Hashemi; M. A. Zare Chahooki

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2021, Pages 45-57


  Social networks are valuable sources for marketers. Marketers can publish campaigns to reach target audiences according to their interest. Although Telegram was primarily designed as an instant messenger, it is used as a social network in Iran due to censorship of Facebook, Twitter, etc. Telegram neither ...  Read More

Original/Review Paper
A Distributed Sailfish Optimizer Based on Multi-Agent Systems for Solving Non-Convex and Scalable Optimization Problems Implemented on GPU

S. Shadravan; H. Naji; V. Khatibi

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2021, Pages 59-71


  The SailFish Optimizer (SFO) is a metaheuristic algorithm inspired by a group of hunting sailfish that alternates their attacks on group of prey. The SFO algorithm takes advantage of using a simple method for providing the dynamic balance between exploration and exploitation phases, creating the swarm ...  Read More

Original/Review Paper
Detecting Sinkhole Attack in RPL-based Internet of Things Routing Protocol

M. Yadollahzadeh Tabari; Z. Mataji

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2021, Pages 73-85


  The Internet of Things (IoT) is a novel paradigm in computer networks which is capable to connect things to the internet via a wide range of technologies. Due to the features of the sensors used in IoT networks and the unsecured nature of the internet, IoT is vulnerable to many internal routing attacks. ...  Read More

Original/Review Paper
A Novel Hierarchical Attention-based Method for Aspect-level Sentiment Classification

A. Lakizadeh; Z. Zinaty

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2021, Pages 87-97


  Aspect-level sentiment classification is an essential issue in sentiment analysis that intends to resolve the sentiment polarity of a specific aspect mentioned in the input text. Recent methods have discovered the role of aspects in sentiment polarity classification and developed various techniques to ...  Read More

Original/Review Paper
Probabilistic Reasoning and Markov Chains as Means to Improve Performance of Tuning Decisions under Uncertainty

A. Omondi; I. Lukandu; G. Wanyembi

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2021, Pages 99-108


  Variable environmental conditions and runtime phenomena require developers of complex business information systems to expose configuration parameters to system administrators. This allows system administrators to intervene by tuning the bottleneck configuration parameters in response to current changes ...  Read More

Original/Review Paper
Estimating Pier Scour Depth: Comparison of Empirical Formulations with ANNs, GMDH, MARS, and Kriging

M. Zarbazoo Siahkali; A.A. Ghaderi; Abdol H. Bahrpeyma; M. Rashki; N. Safaeian Hamzehkolaei

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2021, Pages 109-128


  Scouring, occurring when the water flow erodes the bed materials around the bridge pier structure, is a serious safety assessment problem for which there are many equations and models in the literature to estimate the approximate scour depth. This research is aimed to study how surrogate models estimate ...  Read More

Original/Review Paper
An Image Restoration Architecture using Abstract Features and Generative Models

A. Fakhari; K. Kiani

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2021, Pages 129-139


  Image restoration and its different variations are important topics in low-level image processing. One of the main challenges in image restoration is dependency of current methods to the corruption characteristics. In this paper, we have proposed an image restoration architecture that enables us to address ...  Read More