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H.6.3.2. Feature evaluation and selection
Auto-UFSTool: An Automatic Unsupervised Feature Selection Toolbox for MATLAB

Farhad Abedinzadeh Torghabeh; Yeganeh Modaresnia; Seyyed Abed Hosseini

Volume 11, Issue 4 , November 2023, , Pages 517-524


  Various data analysis research has recently become necessary in to find and select relevant features without class labels using Unsupervised Feature Selection (UFS) approaches. Despite the fact that several open-source toolboxes provide feature selection techniques to reduce redundant features, data ...  Read More

H.6.3.3. Pattern analysis
Hidden Pattern Discovery on Clinical Data: an Approach based on Data Mining Techniques

Meysam Roostaee; Razieh Meidanshahi

Volume 11, Issue 3 , July 2023, , Pages 343-355


  In this study, we sought to minimize the need for redundant blood tests in diagnosing common diseases by leveraging unsupervised data mining techniques on a large-scale dataset of over one million patients' blood test results. We excluded non-numeric and subjective data to ensure precision. To identify ...  Read More