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Department of Computer, Malayer Branch, Islamic Azad University, Malayer, Iran.


The human has always been to find the best in all things. This Perfectionism has led to the creation of optimization methods. The goal of optimization is to determine the variables and find the best acceptable answer Due to the limitations of the problem, So that the objective function is minimum or maximum. One of the ways inaccurate optimization is meta-heuristics so that Inspired by nature, usually are looking for the optimal solution. in recent years, much effort has been done to improve or create metaheuristic algorithms. One of the ways to make improvements in meta-heuristic methods is using of combination. In this paper, a hybrid optimization algorithm based on imperialist competitive algorithm is presented. The used ideas are: assimilation operation with a variable parameter and the war function that is based on mathematical model of war in the real world. These changes led to increase the speed find the global optimum and reduce the search steps is in contrast with other metaheuristic. So that the evaluations done more than 80% of the test cases, in comparison to Imperialist Competitive Algorithm, Social Based Algorithm , Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm, the proposed algorithm was superior.


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