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Technical Engineering Department, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran.


The optimal reactive power dispatch (ORPD) is a very important problem aspect of power system planning and is a highly nonlinear, non-convex optimization problem because consist of both continuous and discrete control variables. Since the power system has inherent uncertainty, hereby, this paper presents both of the deterministic and stochastic models for ORPD problem in multi objective and single objective formulation, respectively. The deterministic model consider three main issues in ORPD problem as real power loss, voltage deviation and voltage stability index, but, in the stochastic model the uncertainty on the demand and the equivalent availability of shunt reactive power compensators have been investigated. To solve them, propose a new modified harmony search algorithm (HSA) which implemented in single and multi objective forms. Since, like many other general purpose optimization methods, the original HSA often traps into local optima, to aim with this cope, an efficient local search method called chaotic local search (CLS) and global search operator are proposed in the internal architecture of the original HSA algorithm to improve its ability in finding of best solution because ORPD problem is very complex problem with different types of continuous and discrete constrains i.e. excitation settings of generators, sizes of fixed capacitors, tap positions of tap changing transformers and the amount of reactive compensation devices. Moreover, fuzzy decision-making method is employed to select the best solution from the set of Pareto solutions.


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