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1 Department of Industrial Engineering, Damghan, Iran.

2 Department of Computer Engineering, Damghan, Iran.



Nowadays, due to inherent complexity of real optimization problems, it has always been a challenging issue to develop a solution algorithm to these problems. Single row facility layout problem (SRFLP) is a NP-hard problem of arranging a number of rectangular facilities with varying length on one side of a straight line with aim of minimizing the weighted sum of the distance between all facility pairs. In this paper two new algorithms of cuckoo optimization and forest optimization are applied and compared to solve SRFLP for the first time. The operators of two algorithms are adapted according to the characteristics of SRFLP and results are compared for two groups of benchmark instances of the literature. These groups consist of instances with the number of facilities less and more than 30. Results on two groups of instances show that proposed cuckoo optimization based algorithm has better performance rather than proposed forest optimization based algorithm in both aspects of finding the best solution and Computational time.


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