Document Type : Original/Review Paper


Electronic Department, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran


In this paper, face detection problem is considered using the concepts of compressive sensing technique. This technique includes dictionary learning procedure and sparse coding method to represent the structural content of input images. In the proposed method, dictionaries are learned in such a way that the trained models have the least degree of coherence to each other. The novelty of the proposed method involves the learning of comprehensive models with atoms that have the highest atom/data coherence with the training data and the lowest within-class and between-class coherence parameters. Each of these goals can be achieved through the proposed procedures. In order to achieve the desired results, a variety of features are extracted from the images and used to learn the characteristics of face and non-face images. Also, the results of the proposed classifier based on the incoherent dictionary learning technique are compared with the results obtained from the other common classifiers such as neural network and support vector machine. Simulation results, along with a significance statistical test show that the proposed method based on the incoherent models learned by the combinational features is able to detect the face regions with high accuracy rate.


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