Document Type: Research/Original/Regular Article


Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran.



This study presents a method to reconstruct a high-resolution image using a deep convolution neural network. We propose a deep model, entitled Deep Block Super Resolution (DBSR), by fusing the output features of a deep convolutional network and a shallow convolutional network. In this way, our model benefits from high frequency and low frequency features extracted from deep and shallow networks simultaneously. We use the residual layers in our model to make repetitive layers, increase the depth of the model, and make an end-to-end model. Furthermore, we employed a deep network in up-sampling step instead of bicubic interpolation method used in most of the previous works. Since the image resolution plays an important role to obtain rich information from the medical images and helps for accurate and faster diagnosis of the ailment, we use the medical images for resolution enhancement. Our model is capable of reconstructing a high-resolution image from low-resolution one in both medical and general images. Evaluation results on TSA and TZDE datasets, including MRI images, and Set5, Set14, B100, and Urban100 datasets, including general images, demonstrate that our model outperforms state-of-the-art alternatives in both areas of medical and general super-resolution enhancement from a single input image.