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Department of Electrical Engineering, Shahrood Science & Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shahrood, Iran.


In this paper, a new iris localization method for mobile devices is presented. Our system uses both intensity and saturation threshold on the captured eye images to determine iris boundary and sclera area, respectively. Estimated iris boundary pixels which have been placed outside the sclera will be removed. The remaining pixels are mainly the boundary of iris inside the sclera. Then, circular Hough transform is applied to such iris boundary pixels in order to localize the iris. Experiments were done on 60 iris images taken by a HTC mobile device from 10 different persons with both left and right eyes images available per person. Also, we evaluate the proposed algorithm on MICHE datasets include iphone5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab2. Experimental evaluation shows that the proposed system can successfully localize iris on tested images.


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