Document Type : Research Note


Department of Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.



This paper presents a new hidden Markov model-based (HMM-based) speech enhancement framework based on the independent component analysis (ICA). We propose analytical procedures for training clean speech and noise models by the Baum re-estimation algorithm and present a Maximum a posterior (MAP) estimator based on Laplace-Gaussian (for clean speech and noise respectively) combination in the HMM framework, namely sparse code shrinkage-HMM (SCS-HMM).
The proposed method on TIMIT database in the presence of three noise types at three SNR levels in terms of PESQ and SNR are evaluated and compared with Auto-Regressive HMM (AR-HMM) and speech enhancement based on HMM with discrete cosine transform (DCT) coefficients using Laplace and Gaussian distributions (LaGa-HMMDCT). The results confirm the superiority of SCS-HMM method in presence of non-stationary noises compared to LaGa-HMMDCT. The results of SCS-HMM method represent better performance of this method compared to AR-HMM in presence of white noise based on PESQ measure.


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