Document Type : Research Note


1 Computer Engineering Department, Science and Art University, Yazd, Yazd, Iran

2 Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran



Agent oriented software engineering (AOSE) is an emerging field in computer science  and  proposes some systematic ideas for multi agent systems analysis, implementation and maintenance. Despite the various methodologies introduced in the agent-oriented software engineering, the main challenges are defects in different aspects of methodologies. According to the defects resulted from weaknesses in agent oriented methodologies in different aspects, a combinatory solution named ARA using, ASPECS, ROADMAP and AOR has been proposed. The three methodologies were analyzed in a comprehensive analytical framework according to concepts and Perceptions, modeling language, process and pragmatism. According to time and resource limitations, sample methodologies for evaluation and in titration were selected. This selection was based on the use of methodologies' and their combination ability. The evaluation show that, the ROADMAP methodology supports stages of agent-oriented systems' analysis and the design stage is not complete because it doesn’t model all semi agents. On the other hand, since AOR and ASPECS methodologies support the design stage and inter agent interactions, a mixed methodology has been proposed and is a combination of analysis stage of ROADMAP methodology and design stage of AOR and ASPECS methodologies. Furthermore, to increase the performance of proposed methodology of actor models, service model, capability and programming were also added to this proposed methodology. To describe its difference phases, it was used in a case study too. Results of this project can pave the way to introduce future agent-oriented methodologies.


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