Document Type : Technical Paper


Department of Computer and Information Technology Engineering, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran.


In this article, we consider the problems of abnormal behavior detection in a high-crowded environment. One of the main issues in abnormal behavior detection is the complexity of the structure patterns between the frames. In this paper, social force and optical flow patterns are used to prepare the system for training the complexity of the structural patterns. The cycle GAN system has been used to train behavioral patterns. Two models of normal and abnormal behavioral patterns are used to evaluate the accuracy of the system detection. In the case of abnormal patterns used for training, due to the lack of this type of behavioral pattern, which is another challenge in detecting the abnormal behaviors, the geometric techniques are used to augment the patterns. If the normal behavioral patterns are used for training, there is no need to augment the patterns because the normal patterns are sufficient. Then, by using the cycle generative adversarial nets (cycle GAN), the normal and abnormal behaviors training will be considered separately. This system produces the social force and optical flow pattern for normal and abnormal behaviors on the first and second sides. We use the cycle GAN system both to train behavioral patterns and to assess the accuracy of abnormal behaviors detection. In the testing phase, if normal behavioral patterns are used for training, the cycle GAN system should not be able to reconstruct the abnormal behavioral patterns with high accuracy.


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