Document Type : Review Article


Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, Tehran, Iran.


In today's world, most financial transactions are carried out using done through electronic instruments and in the context of the Information Technology and Internet. Disregarding the application of new technologies at this field and sufficing to traditional ways, will result in financial loss and customer dissatisfaction. The aim of the present study is surveying and analyzing the use of electronic payment instruments in banks across the country using statistics and information retrieved from the Central Bank and data mining techniques. For this purpose, firstly, according to the volume of transactions carried out and with the help of using the K-Means algorithm, a label was dedicated to any record; then hidden patterns of the E-payment instruments transaction were detected using the CART algorithm. The obtained results of this study enable banks administrators to balance their future policies in the field of E-payment and in the bank and customers’ interest's direction based on detected patterns and provide higher quality services to their customers.


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