Document Type : Original/Review Paper


Computer Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, Narmak, Tehran, Iran.


One solution to process and analysis of massive graphs is summarization. Generating a high quality summary is the main challenge of graph summarization. In the aims of generating a summary with a better quality for a given attributed graph, both structural and attribute similarities must be considered. There are two measures named density and entropy to evaluate the quality of structural and attribute-based summaries respectively. For an attributed graph, a high quality summary is one that covers both graph structure and its attributes with the user-specified degrees of importance. Recently two methods has been proposed for summarizing a graph based on both graph structure and attribute similarities. In this paper, a new method for hybrid summarization of a given attributed graph has proposed and the quality of the summary generated by this method has compared with the recently proposed method for this purpose. Experimental results showed that our proposed method generates a summary with a better quality.


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